Friday, April 8, 2011

First Meeting With National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho

At the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho office after our meeting with Richard Taylor.
Jake got in contact with Richard Taylor with the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho and set up a meeting to talk about our ideas for Swimming for Kidneys yesterday.

Richard is a very nice guy and was helpful and straightforward with us.  We told him about our idea to each swim 5K at 24 of Utah's State Parks to raise money for his organization.  He was excited about the idea and we brainstormed and talked about how we could help each other.

At the end of the meeting, Jake and I were pretty much set on donating any money that we raise to Youth Transplant Kamp (YTK), a week long camp for kids ages 8 to 17 who have had heart, lung, liver or kidney transplants.  The goal of Youth Transplant Kamp is to:

" young transplant recipients gain greater independence, confidence, and self-esteem through their participation in outdoor adventures and experiences such as horseback riding, hiking, swimming and ropes course."

We are hoping to possibly visit the camp this summer and hopefully meet some of the kids and let them know about our idea.

We also talked about the idea of making t-shirts and wristbands that we would be able to sell through our website or at our swims to help increase donations.

I left the meeting even more excited about the project than when we went in.

We would love to hear any ideas or suggestions that you have about how we can make this a successful fundraiser.

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