Monday, April 4, 2011

'The Fall'

This is a poem I wrote a couple days before the regional swim meet when I was a Jr. on the high school swim team.  A few weeks after regionals I reluctantly quit the team.

20% is all I gave,
It's all I had stored up and saved.
I've tried my hardest,
And that's a fact.
It's all I could give,
Nothing held back.
My kidneys failed,
They've gone off track,
Like a one-way train
Never coming back...
I was invincible,
Until today.
My unconquerable world
Was conquered today.
Time has flown,
And life has caught up
To the untouchable that has now been touched.
With every win,
There is a loss.
The bell has sounded
But who will win?
The score is 0
But he is 10.
Plus 3 plus 4 is the final score.

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